Month: December 2016

We’ve Had A Great Time Catering Christmas Parties

We’ve Had A Great Time Catering Christmas Parties

Christmas Party

We’ve had a blast catering this round of Christmas parties so far.  It’s still relatively new to us, but we’re finding that we are having a great time at office Christmas parties. Weird, I know.  It’s just so fun to see how everyone lets loose and interacts with their co-workers as they celebrate the Christmas season.  Of course, it’s always funny when someone starts celebrating a little too hard and then we get to see how they really feel about their colleagues.

It’s also been really fun to get a little taste into each company’s different cultures.  Some companies are really relaxed, while others are more formal.  A few of our favorite parties so far have been: We catered for an Adcock event. They brought out a bouncy castle for their employees, which was so much fun to see a bunch of adults bouncing around in it.  We also did an event for a young internet company, called Southwestern Rugs Depot.  I had never heard of them but apparently, they sell area rugs, focusing on southwestern style.  Anyway, they brought in a big screen projector and then hooked up a Nintendo 64 and had a tournament for a bunch of classic video games.

We’re obviously not done for the season and still have a few openings if you’d like to have us cater your Christmas party. You can simply email us at [email protected].